Friday, August 16, 2013

Vuze 5.1

Vuze 5.1 includes a number of updates to the client, providing an improved user interface (UI) with enhanced usability and efficiency, improved performance and some critical bug fixes (for example elimination of some deadlock conditions). Some of the features and benefits found in Vuze 5.1 are highlighted below:

New Open Torrent dialog design
Open Torrent Dialog split into a torrent selector window and a torrent open options window.  The options window has been simplified to initially show you less settings, letting you focus on the most important task — viewing the list of files in the torrent.
 Tags Overview
There is now an additional view to manage and view your tags and there are a number of new per-tag features to bring capabilities closer to that of categories, along with additional ones such as ‘move on complete’ and ‘minimum share ratio’:

Torrent file availability
Users can view an optional column in the torrent file details tab that shows the availability of the torrent file as a measure of the minimum availability of each of its pieces. Useful for torrents that are comprised of many files, which peers selectively download and that may no longer be available.

Mark multiple torrents as Watched
When selecting multiple torrents in conjunction with the ‘watched’ button users no longer have to individually unselect them. Fewer clicks speed up the torrent file management process.

Per-Torrent Share Ratio Seeding Rules
Beyond global rule set-up within the client, you can now set the share ratio for  individual torrents rules for better control of a torrent file among peers and overall seeding efficiency.

Extensible column options
The torrent client software now allows users to edit column headings and tailor to meet their needs. In addition, torrent file download/upload peak and average speed stats have been implemented.

Amend transfer stats
Stats can be reset for users with transfer caps on data usage. Collected statistics can revert to either a specific point in time or since time of install.

Additional features included in this release
  1. Option to show/hide rank column icon
  2. Add tags column to library view
  3. Per-file availability to column
  4. Option to toggle the ‘new’ download state for multiple selections

Download Vuze 5.1

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